Interviewing? 6 Quick Tips On How To Get The Edge

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If you really want to nail an interview and leave a lasting impression over your competing candidates, here are a few ways to really stand out:


1.    Further research – most candidates research the website beforehand. But what about showing you've gone one step further and found out something really interesting about the company from newspapers, other publications, or ‘hard-to-find’ sources? PAs meeting their potential future boss should always do their homework and find out as much information as possible about the person they could be supporting i.e. their hobbies, charities they might be involved with, their career history etc. 

2.    Bring in hard copies of your work – a few well-chosen examples are a great visual aid to provide real evidence of the standard of your work i.e. a complex travel itinerary, report or event schedule.

3.    LinkedIn – make sure your LinkedIn profile is up to date, sells you properly and has as many recommendations as possible. It may sound obvious but, ensure your profile picture is ‘work appropriate’ and portrays a professional image.

4.    Give them a written reference – whilst employers will often prefer to take their own references too, leaving a reference from a previous boss with them can be a great touch.

5.    Send a follow up email to Hera Search – if you really want the job, tell us by sending an email to your consultant thanking the company for their time and explaining why you’d love the job, which we can then forward on. If the decision is a close call, it may just make all the difference!

6.    Be interested in your interviewer – ask well thought out questions about the interviewer’s background and why they enjoy working there. Building a relationship with your interviewer is vital to show your personable side which is important for working in a team and in client facing roles. Showing an interest will make you more memorable!