Why it's EVEN MORE important for a PA to have a perfect CV

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In the spirit of the CV Faux Pas we posted in February, here are 3 tips to ensure your CV gets noticed for all the right reasons.


1)      Your CV is a self-marketing tool. When writing your personal statement, (about yourself), please write it in the first person. Writing it in the third person is confusing and makes it sound as if you’re talking about someone else, which is weird. The same rule applies for the summary on your LinkedIn profile.

2)      Sell your experience and go into detail about your achievements. Instead of just listing ‘event management’, describe a particular event and the part you played in coordinating it. For example, ‘Managed a three day international conference for the company’s top 50 investors, involving detailed accommodation and travel planning, specific catering requirements for three meals a day, entertainment options in the evening, budget management…’

3)      Use the space on your CV wisely. Don’t take half of the first page up with your name in big bold letters or leave the second page half blank! Use a simple, easy to read font (not too small!) and make sure the spacing is uniform so it looks aesthetically pleasing – remember as a PA you should be able to put a perfect looking document together, so make sure your CV is great evidence of this.


See you next week!