Does your personal email address give off the wrong impression?

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To wrap up our series of CV Faux Pas this February, here are 3 final tips to bear in mind…


1)      Most job applications are done via email these days. It is therefore extremely important to ensure your CV is sent from a professional, ‘grown up’ email address. Many of us may have set up our personal email account years ago when we were in our early teens, but no matter how sentimental you are about it or how cute your friends might find it, applying for a role from is unforgivable. It takes less than a minute to set up a dedicated email account for your job search…

2)      Don’t use unnecessarily complicated or over-the-top jargon when writing your CV – you run the risk of coming across as clichéd, and in some cases pretentious. A clear and precise writing style describing your achievements in a way that allows your personality to shine through is far more likely to strike the right chord with the reader.

3)      Always, always ensure the dates are correct on your CV. Many people have had time off work for either personal reasons or to take a sabbatical for example. It is better to explain any gaps in your employment history rather than ‘tweaking’ the dates. Remember that all will be revealed when you are referenced and it’s your responsibility to ensure the dates are correct.


Keep an eye out for our Interview Tips series throughout March.