They wrote WHAT on their CV?

Hera Search CV Tips

Following my last post on CV faux pas, here are 3 more points to consider when perfecting your CV…


1)      Think strategically about what to include and highlight in your CV. If applying for a position as an Executive Assistant to the Senior Partner in a Management Consultancy for example, two pages of bullet points detailing your early experience as a tennis coach is irrelevant and should be shortened to a couple of lines.

2)      Don’t repeat yourself on your CV. If you’ve been in an admin role for the last 3 jobs, don’t simply copy and paste ‘complex diary and travel management, PowerPoint presentations and inbox screening’ for your duties underneath each one. Not only does this come across as lazy, but you’re wasting valuable space on a document which should be highlighting your awesomeness at every opportunity. The potential employer will get bored reading the same thing. Rather draw out the special things you achieved in each role, and only go into detail about a task when you’ve really excelled in that area.

3)      Including hobbies on your CV is a great way to give a potential employer some insight into your personality. In some cases a shared common interest may even give you the edge in a competitive situation where both candidates are equally strong for the role. Listing ‘going out drinking with friends’ and ‘lovemaking’ (true story) however, are likely to send out the wrong impression. Think about the professional image you want to portray and the companies you want to attract to your profile.


See you next week for more CV faux pas.