CV faux pas that drive employers MAD!

Make sure your CV doesn't get binned by avoiding these simple, yet surprisingly common CV mishaps…


1)      Stationery vs stationary. If part of your role as Office Manager involves ordering stationery for the office, please ensure you use the correct version of this word on your CV. It may sound basic but you would be amazed at the amount of times I've read through CVs with ‘ordering stationary’ listed as a duty, and this instantly puts me off the applicant. A simple way to remember the correct spelling for office stationery is: e for envelope!

2)      If you absolutely must use a photograph on your CV, then think very carefully about the image you are going to portray and whether it is appropriate for the type of role you’re applying for. Applying for the position of ‘Corporate Receptionist in Private Equity’ with a photo of you drinking cocktails at the pool bar on your summer break can really damage the credibility of your professional image. Some things are better kept on Facebook! On this note, it’s also wise to ensure your Social Media privacy settings are tight. I've had employers cancel interviews before even meeting the candidate in person because of questionable content they've found online.

3)      If you list ‘having excellent attention to detail’ as one of your attributes on your CV, then you've got to ensure every tiny detail on your CV is perfect and consistent. Take extra care to ensure spelling, grammar, format and font are correct and uniform!


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