‘Money Talk.’ Are you aiming for the right salary level?

I often meet candidates who are unsure about what salary level they should aim for. There are those who are just starting out in their career and don’t know what they can achieve in the London job market, and then there are the more experienced candidates, those who have been comfortable in their current role for years, and now having taken the leap to explore new opportunities, are unsure of how much of a pay rise they should be asking for.

Salary offers are not just based on number of years’ experience on a CV, but rather a multitude of factors which employers and recruitment consultants use to assess what level of salary a candidate can realistically achieve. For example; skills, qualifications, salary bands for job level, candidate potential, industry, location and of course candidate expectation can all play their part.

Some great advice for candidates at all stages of their career is to ensure you have an open, honest and productive discussion with your recruitment consultant at the start of your job search, to make sure you are pitching yourself at the right level and doing yourself justice whilst, equally, not pricing yourself out of a particular opportunity by being unrealistic. Sometimes I see candidates who expect salaries way below the level of the industry average, simply due to a lack of awareness of how good they are!

Don’t be afraid to ask your consultant questions if you’re unsure - at Hera Search we always want to help you get to where you want to be in life. Agreeing your salary expectations together with your consultant (minimum and ideal) at your initial interview will help us represent you properly and in the very best light. Very importantly, when it comes to offer stage, we will be in the best position to help you secure the right figure and overall package, and if necessary negotiate on your behalf.

Whilst salary is by no means the only deciding factor when considering a job offer, it’s still a very important aspect of the wider picture when it comes to making that all important decision. Be confident in yourself, and remember, you should never be anything less than over the moon with a job offer! 

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