Confessions of a London PA

We asked one of our PAs who we recently placed in a Green Energy Start-Up about her experiences as a PA so far...


 Q Could you give me a brief overview of your current role?

A My current job title is Personal Assistant and Office Manager - however, my job entails much more- I have full control of the whole team’s diary, regulate the company’s Health & Safety, and complete all PR and recruitment tasks. 


Q  How did you become a PA – was this a career path you chose?

A I accidentally fell into the PA field. I was working as a PA within property management at university and throughout this realised I enjoyed working across all areas of a business and helping out with company-wide departments and projects.


Q What do you find most rewarding about your job?

A When the directors and the team as a whole are stuck on something which they have not been able to fulfil or complete and I’m then able to help them achieve their targeted goal. This gives me a boost to continue working at my best for the company. 


Q What’s the strangest request you've ever had as a PA? 

A In one role I had a portfolio of more than 30 clients. One client asked me to go to her house to see if her husband had parked the car in the correct garage! 


Q List three misconceptions that people often have about you as a PA? 


1. That ‘it is easy’. This is definitely not true as a PA ensures the smooth running for a CEO / Director and therefore the company. 

2. That ‘it requires a lot of bog standard secretarial work’, which again is not true as many Personal Assistants do far more for a business or company than the average employee as they are constantly juggling multiple projects or tasks at any one time.

3. That ‘it is slave labour’. Although at times you may feel pushed, there is always something extremely rewarding about the role that you do. Being a Personal Assistant improves your awareness of how businesses operate internally and externally and opens your eyes to all sorts of things. Typically if you’re proactive enough, you build a strong career that expands to not only Personal Assistant duties but far more responsibilities and rewards. 


Q Name one thing about yourself that most people don’t know?

A I am a professional belly dance teacher.