5 Confessions of a London PA


We asked a PA from a Professional Services background about some of her most memorable work experiences to date…


Q  What’s the hardest thing for you about being a PA? 

A  Having to manage my Director’s time and gate-keep for him when he’s constantly on the go.


Q  Why do you like being a PA?

A  It's always very changeable from one day to the next and time goes very quickly. I like the feeling of satisfaction I get when something that has been a huge pain to organise is finally completed successfully.


 What’s the best compliment you've ever received?

A  My boss once said that I always had a smile on my face and that it really helped to lift the mood in the office as it encouraged everyone else to be cheerful, happy and friendly too.


Q  What’s your favourite funny story about yourself?

A  I was once out in a bar with a friend and my shoe broke - as we were quite far from home and it was quite early, we didn't want to call it a night, so instead I slid around in it for the rest of the evening, much to the laughter of everyone else! Luckily my friend had the same size feet as me, so we swapped shoes every hour or so!


Q  What’s your most embarrassing moment as a PA?

A  Very embarrassing - I had been away for the weekend and so I had my suitcase by my desk, it was half undone as I'd had to get something from it earlier. A Director started to move my case so that he could walk around it and most of the contents fell out, including half my underwear!! 


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