6 Confessions of a London PA

6 Confessions of a London PA

We asked a high profile PA from a leading investment bank about the highs and lows of her working life as a PA in London:


Q Could you give me a brief overview of your current role?

A  I’ve been a Senior Assistant for 4 years supporting a busy team of 13, including 3 MDs. Much of the role is reactive and it can get extremely busy when the team are on live deals.


Q What is most rewarding about your job? 

A The appreciation I get from my team, even when they are incredibly busy and under pressure - a ‘thank you’ makes it all worthwhile.


Q Who has been your favourite boss and why? 

A My current one - he is someone I can joke and have a bit of banter with, whilst still remaining professional and getting the job done.


Q What’s the strangest request you've ever had as a PA? 

A To tell a fib on my boss’s behalf... at first I thought this was outrageous, but I have since become accustomed to being a little flexible with information!


Q What’s been your most embarrassing moment at work? 

A Inviting our full VIP client list to a fiancé conference ... I work in finance, but clearly can't spell it!


Q List three misconceptions that people often have about you as a PA? 

A That I:

a) am less educated than other professionals

b) am on the hunt for a banker

c) will not stand up for myself if spoken to rudely!


We'd  love to hear about your confessions too...