7 Top Tips from London’s Executive PAs

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1.     "My top tip would be to always maintain a positive and professional attitude even when inside you're thinking 'aaaaaahhhhhhhhhh what AM I going to do about this?!!"

Rachel, Consultancy


2.  "When organising a drinks evening for your boss's entire leadership team remember to actually clarify the date to the caterers, you don't want to be running around Dean & Deluca with a trolley and his AMEX 15 minutes before he arrives...!"

Emily, Fashion Company   


3.      "A client recently told me - in no uncertain terms - that I'm far too "nice and pleasant" to be taken seriously; I need to cut out 'chit chat' and simply issue demands. It's advice I considered long and hard ... ultimately I decided I have to be true to myself. I've always found a wee bit of politeness goes a long way to getting results."

Sarah, Freelance EA


4.      "I was told years back by my then boss that whatever arrangements I made with anyone, I had to put on an e-mail as well, just to cover myself. A very dear lesson learned and something that I follow religiously. Unfortunately people have a habit of not remembering who said what!"

Colleen, Executive PA


5.      "Always have your 'sober voice' on standby for those 1:00am phone calls when your boss is stranded at JFK, unable to find his car, despite the fact that he has all the information he could possibly require..."

Lizzie, Retail


6.     "Stay away from office gossip. Respect, diplomacy and kindness help strengthen relationships with business associates, management and employees.”

Emma, Professional Services


7.      “Treat everyone with respect. To me a ‘Good Morning’ is said to all, which includes cleaners, security guards, mail personnel, etc. I work in an environment where a lot of these people are dismissed or not recognised by other colleagues. For me bringing a smile to their faces with a cheerful hello on entering the building, wishing them a good evening on leaving, stepping aside when they are carrying things, or just holding a door open, can really go a long way to getting the best out of others.“ 

Rhonda, Professional Services